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Arbitrator of  2012 Fair Share Fee Arbitration Rubber Stamped The Decision In Favor Of SEIU

John Kagel was the arbitrator of 2012 Fair Share Fee Challenge Arbitration.  Mr. Kagel was supposed to be just and impartial, but he ignored the fact that SEIU refused to provide any financial record to challenger.  He also ingnored the fact that every witness of SEIU failed to answer our question, and it was simply proved that SEIU cheats, steal our money, and lies about how they spend $62 million of our money with no accountability.  Mr. Kagel took $4,000.00 of our money from SEIU and rubber stamped a decision in favor of SEIU.

SEIU is in control of $62 million of our money each year.  They pay to the American Arbitration Association (AAA) to cover up SEIU's corruption and fool people with the lie that the AAA is independent then they must be just, fair, and impartial.  AAA facilitates the annual Fair Share Fee Challenge Arbitrations of many SEIU Locals nationwide and make millions just from SEIU.  

AAA provides the so called the impartial arbitrators that get the check from SEIU and with no hesitation server the purpose of SEIU!!!

 This year, unlike any other year in history of Fair Share Fee Arbitration thousands of us got united and gave Power Of Attorney to Ken Hamidi to represent us in the arbitration. In the arbitration Ken Hamidi clearly establish that:

  • The arbitration is meaningless because SEIU refused to provide the financial records of SEIU so we, the challengers, can objectively  challenge SEIU in the arbitration

  • Mr. Kagel was 100% partial to SEIU, he just listened to SEIU and their attorneys and conducted an unfair arbitration as they wished.

  • SEIU's witnesses from audit firm of Calibre confessed that the audit they performed was simple cursory sample based audit, which meant nothing more than a window dressing.  

There is no doubt that as long as SEIU is in power and in control of Money no matter what we do they'll manipulate the system, even judicial system, and stay in power.  There is only one doable option that will guarantee uprooting of SEIU and that is Decertification.

In early April of 2013, we will launch our Fair Share Fee Rescission (FSFR)  campaign, and will begin gathering signatures, and will file our FSFR petition any time we gather 30% supporting signatures from any bargaining unit. 

PERB will verify the signatures and will schedule an election. Together and united we will stand behind CPPEA, and will win the FSFR and will stop paying zero dollars to SEIU

CPPEA is a service oriented, non-political, and efficient employee association.  Our dues will be of what SEIU is costing us, and like other employee associations, our common interest of bargaining and representation will be effectively served with transparency and accountability. 

It is up to each one of us to expand our grassroots network and movement.  Please encourage others to get involved too. 



SEIU Must Go, They Have Nothing To Show!!!

The Only Feasible Option, Which We Can Successfully Exercise Is:

Fair Share Fee Rescission = 1.5% Raise for us

and zero dollars to SEIU, and will drive SEIU to bankrupty

Coming in April of 2013




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Knox vs. SEIU Local 1000

A historic and precedent setting Class Action Lawsuit of CA state employees that US Supreme Court heard on 1.10/2012.


To fight back proposition 75 & 76, in 2005 Local 1000 increased the dues by 0.25% for period of 9/1/2005 through 12/31/2006.  By law (Hudson Act) Local 1000 was required to notify the FSFPs and give them an option to opt out.  Local 1000 intentionally did not notify the FSFPs.

On behalf of over 36,000 FSFPs 6 brave FSFPs filed a class action lawsuit against the the Local 1000, in US District Court.  Local 1000 was found guilty and was ordered to pay back the illegally collected increase dues.

Local 1000 filed an appeal with US 9th Circuit Appellate Court.  This court overruled the District Court.

6 class representatives filed and appeal with the US Supreme Court and their Oral Arguments were heard on 1/10/2012. Supreme Court Justices will render their decision in June of 2012 and highly likely in favor of CA state employees

Our Special thanks to our 6 fellow state employee for assuming this huge responsibility on our behalf.

We also greatly appreciate the extra step that Dianne Knox and Jon Jumper took and attended the Supreme Court Hearing on 1/1/2012.


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